Peter Shoukry
Peter Shoukry

Art can represent so much in our daily lives. A beautiful landscape piece can remind us of the beauty our world has to offer in nature, while a touching abstract piece can interpret feelings and emotions. Often art is a representation of what is going on in our minds, and some of the world's most successful artists embrace that to find their fullest form of expression. Famous artist Peter Shoukry creates awe-inspiring pieces that embody the complete representation of reality and imagination.

Peter has incredible talent, but he wasn't always aware of his artistic gifts. Born in Giza, Egypt and of Coptic Christian faith Peter immigrated to the United States when he was ten years old. His family had been fortunate enough to be selected in the Green Card lottery, and they eventually settled in Los Angeles, California. Religious persecution was sadly a reality they had to face in their home country. His parents knew they didn't see a life for their family where they weren't free to practice their beliefs. To say that Peter was exposed to a combination of the harsh realities of life and vast opportunity at a young age would be an understatement. He embraced every chance he had to become a successful artist and model.

While Peter's Dad was an artist, the family didn't want him to be distracted and kept artistic activities to a minimum. It wasn't until his freshman year of high school, where he took an art class for the "easy grade." His teacher noticed his exceptional talent after he created an abstract drawing of scissors. He depicted the scissors as foes violently fighting each other explaining that "sometimes we can hurt our own kind because we are able to." Quickly his art career went into high gear. At just 17 years old he presented his first show at the Happening Gallery in Los Angeles.

Following graduation, Peter was featured as part of an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. His colorful abstract depictions of people in all kinds of settings are reminiscent of the works of Dali and Picasso with a cultural undertone expressive of Peter's real life. "With every painting, I try to make that line between reality and imagination thinner until I have no idea what's real anymore," explains Peter. The vivid colors, exciting shapes, and emotions are all Peter's imagination. Strip those from the piece, and you can see the base in reality. The juxtaposition is flawless.

His work is eye-catching and inspired, and Peter has exhibited in galleries, shows, and museums around the world. "I feel so blessed that I can share my vision with the world," Peter states. His unique pieces are often sold to private collectors, and his career shows no sign of slowing down. An artist rarely enjoys fame in their lifetime, but a talent like Peter's is even rarer. It's no wonder that Peter Shoukry's art is collected and shown over and over again worldwide to an audience absolutely enamored by his imaginative abstractions.

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