Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger believes Cristiano Ronaldo has outperformed Lionel Messi over the past yearReuters

Catching Arsene Wenger in a light mood is not that easy, so when you do get him under such a situation, it is best to make the most of it.

In a Q&A with the fans on Arsenal's official Twitter feed, the legendary manager opened up on a number of subjects, including his preference between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the funniest guy in the Arsenal dressing room and the basic question that every man wants to know: Does he likes chips?

Arsenal have been criticised in recent seasons for failing to win trophies, but Wenger, who revitalised the Arsenal team and defined the north London club in the Premier League era, insisted the hunger to win remains the same as when he joined the club in 1996.

"Certainly, I have a few more wrinkles [now, but] what has stayed the same is the huge desire to win every single game," he said.

Wenger was typically closed though when a fan asked him what was the decision he regrets the most making. "Every season you make wrong decisions," the Frenchman said. "You have to go with your gut feeling sometimes, but you learn and analyse."

Surely, selling Robin Van Persie to Manchester United in the summer of 2012 would have been circling in his mind when asked that question, particularly after the former Gunner came back to haunt his team in that disappointing 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford on Sunday.

The debate over who is the better player - Messi or Ronaldo - rages on every day, and Wenger also had an opinion. "It's difficult, Messi was on top until now but in the last year maybe Ronaldo is in front, he is very athletic."

Below are some of the other interesting answers that Wenger gave during the Q&A session.

17 years ago, did you choose Arsenal because your name is Arsene?

Wenger: "Ha ha! Certainly not! Arsenal chose me and that was a huge honour -- it's a long love story because it's 17 years!"

When will you get a top top quality coat?

Wenger, who was seen struggling with it at Old Trafford yet again, replied: "Ha ha!"

We have seen @JackWilshere play at many positions in the starting 11, but where's his best position according to you?

Wenger: "His best position is as a deep-lying midfielder, where he can be a distributor. He has a good burst and vision."

What is your favorite hobby?

Wenger: "It is to read or watch political debates, or to walk or be outside in the nature"

Is there a Wenger version of the "hairdryer" treatment?

Wenger: "It can only be an exceptional behaviour and every manager uses it"

 [Do you like] chips?

Wenger: "Yes I like chips! But I try not to abuse it because I have a diet -- I have to prepare like a player."

Who's the funniest player in your squad?

Wenger: "That's difficult, I would say Wojciech [Szczesny] -- he likes a joke. [Nicklas] Bendtner as well."