Chelsea Cesc Fabregas Burnley Michael Duff
Burnley defender Michael Duff goes in for a tackle on Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas during their English Premier League gameReuters

After watching Cesc Fabregas utterly dominate Burnley on his Chelsea debut in the English Premier League, there would have been quite a few Arsenal fans cringing in discomfort, at not just having to watch one of their former favourites playing for a different EPL club, but at also the impact he was making and the ridiculous quality he would have brought had Arsene Wenger decided to use his first option.

When Fabregas signed for Chelsea in the summer, there were a few moans and groans from the Gooners, disappointed at seeing the Spain international, who was widely expected to play for just one club in the English Premier League. However, there were also quite a few "Ok, so we have enough players in that position, so it is not that big a deal" statements being made.

So, does that feeling change after watching Fabregas put in a man of the match performance for Chelsea in their 3-1 win over Burnley; after all, just that wonderful assist to Andre Schurrle for the match-winning goal was worthy of the honour, and then some.

"Being at Chelsea is probably something I would never have expected but football is unexpected," he told Sky Sports after the game. "I'm very happy."

Football, especially club football, is the darndest thing isn't it.

It would be pretty hard to take for Arsenal fans if Fabregas has a "player of the season" campaign in the Premier League and leads Chelsea to the title – and if he plays like he did on Monday night consistently, then they will -- with manager Jose Mourinho stating the problem with the midfielder at Barcelona was that he wasn't played in the right position.

"The team played very well but I agree with Cesc being man of the match because he and [Nemanja] Matic controlled the game and dictated the intensity of it," said Mourinho. "They decided how to control the pace. They were both good brains in this team and I am happy with that because last season we could not control the game as we controlled today.

"Fabregas was our first choice for that position. I know clearly what the player is because we were so long in the same league.

"He moved to Spain also, so for the last 10 years we have been in the same league for six or seven. I know exactly what he will bring. For Barca he was the fake nine, the number ten and winger but I know and he knows what his best position is, so he is giving exactly what we need -- quick thinking in midfield. He brings people in the same direction. I am really happy."

Fabregas certainly made Chelsea tick at Turf Moor, but then there is a long way to go in the season, and Barcelona, intriguingly, themselves said, the midfielder's contributions tailed off in the second half of the season.

Spending £30-odd million on Fabregas did not make as much sense as spending the same amount on Alexis Sanchez, and Wenger also had to make a choice between Cesc and Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, and it is difficult to blame the manager for not going in for his former protégé.

The only issue remains is that the result of that decision was Fabregas signing for Chelsea, and only if Wenger will come to regret not signing his former skipper.