Arsene Wenger Arsenal FA Cup Trophy 2015
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wants more value-for-money signings this summerReuters

Arsene Wenger revealed his plans for Arsenal during the summer transfer window, as rumours continue to mount over several possible high-profile signings.

Arsenal have spent big on one player each in the last two summer transfer windows, with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez coming from Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

The presence of such world-class stars has also brought out the best from players that were already in the squad, with Wenger, slowly but surely, moving on from the penny-pinching days as Arsenal tried to pay off the massive debt created by their move to the Emirates from Highbury.

With plenty of money in the coffers now, Arsenal do have the ability to continue making big-money signings, but Wenger, in his usual guarded style, warned the club would never spend crazy money for a player.

"We have not spent that kind of money," Wenger was quoted as saying by Mirror Sport when asked about playing huge fees for players. "People forget that for years we had to sell our best players and that was a very difficult period. That is the reality.

"Since we started to buy again, we have slowly come back to a more competitive level. But you speak maybe about stratospheric numbers where we will not be involved.

"Not at that level. For financial reasons. It's simple. I do not want to tell you how much money we have. But I have not made a clear decision yet for what I will do."

That should rule out signings of the Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale mould for Arsenal, at least during this summer transfer window. However, it also keeps means signing the likes of Arturo Vidal, Morgan Schneiderlin, Jackson Martinez, Petr Cech and more are very much possible, as they come in sub-stratospheric levels.

Wenger also insisted it is not the transfer fee that makes a player, but the value he can bring to the squad, yet again, showing his love for the value-for-money signings.

"I want a good rapport between price and quality," he said. "Santi Cazorla was voted man of the match in the FA Cup final. I don't think he cost £150m. Francis Coquelin was one of the best players on the pitch.

"I am not against spending money. I have shown that recently."

Wenger has certainly shown that if there is money to spend, he has no problems in doing just that, as long as the right player becomes available. That will always be the key for the Arsenal manager, because if the "world-class" player that the Frenchman keeps talking about does not come to the fore, then the man who created history by leading Arsenal to a record 12th FA Cup title will just as easily not buy anyone.

The likelihood of none of his preferred players not becoming available are unlikely, though with Wenger reportedly looking at strengthening in the goalkeeping, deep-midfield and striking department.

Asked about the possibility of signing a Petr Cech from Chelsea, Wenger was his usual closed self, pointing out the fact that Arsenal already have two quality goalkeepers in Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina.

"We have just won the cup so it is difficult for me to come out of a game like that and say who I will buy," Wenger added.

"If you look at the stats, David Ospina is the best keeper in the league. But we will give you the answer after the transfer window. "Wojciech Szczesny was very good in the final."

Wenger also said the key to Arsenal making a title challenge next season will be keeping this core of players together and ensuring everyone is on the right page, while also looking to add a couple of high-quality players.

"Chelsea had a very balanced team with quality everywhere," Wenger said of this season's Premier League champions. "I think we made up ground at the end of the season.

"Now it's about the start. We come here for the Community Shield and will have a little bit of a better view of what's going on.

"I feel we've moved forward and people think always it's about buying but it's about cohesion as well and cohesion is a very important factor that's often underrated.

"We have to keep that cohesion and maybe add quality."