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Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal is a match made in heavenReuters

Imagine an Arsenal frontline of Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, with Mesut Ozil feeding them from just behind as Aaron Ramsey marauds forward to make those late runs just to make it that little bit more difficult for the defences in the English Premier League. All that without even mentioning Santi Cazorla, or Jack Wilshere, or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, or Tomas Rosicky, or....well, you get the drift.

That could be the mouthwatering attack that Arsenal fans can expect if, a big, humongous if, Arsenal complete the signing of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona for a fee of over £30 million.

While many pointed towards the injury to Ramsey on Boxing Day as the major reason behind Arsenal's slump in the second half of the season (and they weren't wrong), the scenes at the Emirates on 4 January, when Arsene Wenger's men beat their biggest rivals Tottenham in the FA Cup, also played a massive part.

For one, Ramsey, you always felt would come back within a month or so, which was the initial prognosis; so the mental scar wasn't as bad for his teammates. But, when Theo Walcott fell near the touchline in what seemed like an innocuous challenge, and then had to be stretchered off (not before holding that sign to the abusing Spurs fans, of course), it was a lot more jarring.

Without Walcott, Arsenal lose their Plan B. He is the only real Arsenal player in the squad at the moment that likes the ball played to space for him to run onto. Almost every other player, barring Lukas Podolski, maybe, like the ball at their feet. Oxlade-Chamberlain might have pace to burn, but he is someone who likes to take the ball and run with it, while taking on a defender or two; so does the youngster Serge Gnabry. Cazorla and Rosicky are also playmakers, not forwards, while Giroud is not exactly a hare on steroids.

When Wenger took out that cheque book to write a sum of €50 million (£42.5 million) to Real Madrid to acquire the services of Mesut Ozil, he would have envisaged Walcott running onto through balls after through balls from the left foot of Ozil, with the net bulging soon after.

But, after Ozil's honeymoon period ended, and when he needed that run in behind just so he could feel at home, there was no Walcott anymore, with Ramsey's absence also just adding to the problems.

Had Sanchez been there in that Arsenal team, then Walcott's absence would not have been felt as much as it was. Ramsey was a big, huge loss, last season, and he was undoubtedly Arsenal's best player, and will probably be again; but Walcott was equally missed as well.

Which is why Sanchez, and his searing pace, and his penchant for running in behind the defenders will be heaven-sent for this Arsenal side, filled with playmakers, waiting to play that inch-perfect pass behind the defenders.

If Wenger decides to play Walcott and Sanchez, who can also easily play through the centre, opening up space for another playmaker in the starting XI,  together on either wing (again making that big assumption Sanchez actually signs), it opens up a plethora of opportunities for Ozil to spray those drool-inducing passes. It also gives the team the perfect balance, with Giroud playing his role of the target man, while also bringing his brilliantly underrated skills of linking up play with those deft touches.

Sanchez showed at this FIFA World Cup 2014 just what he can do – he has a big engine, tireless workrate, can press the defenders, has pace to burn, and more importantly make those runs and also provides the finish. To top it off, his assist-making ability is not too bad either, and he does have a penchant for that "did you see that, how on earth did he hit the target" goals, as he showed in matches against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid last season.

The Chilean is at his best when playing with teams that attack with pace, and while that might make it seem like he would be suited more to Liverpool's style of play, Arsenal have the capabilities to hit that extra speed gear and blow their opponents out of the water.

Also, in Ozil, they have a true superstar that any player would want to play with – Ozil after all made the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and co. look good in Real Madrid. Given the right ammunition – Ozil-Walcott-Sanchez, behind Giroud (or another striker that Wenger might plan to buy, unlikely if the Sanchez deal goes through) is a match made in heaven.

The deal is far from done, of course, and as the Gonzalo Higuain saga proved last season, Gooners cannot allow that euphoria to overwhelm them unless it is officially announced on the Arsenal website. Until then, they can dream, and imagine that wonderful four-pronged forwardline, with Ramsey coming in from deep, just to add to that fantasy.