Arsenal Arsene Wenger
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not believe he is tactically ineptReuters

The "Wenger Out" banners were inevitable and predictable after the kind of start that Arsenal  have made in the English Premier League season, and what was also equally predictable was the reaction to those banners by Arsene Wenger.

Wenger has had to deal with criticism from the fans ever since taking over at Arsenal in 1996, but those criticisms have certainly intensified over the past few years, as the North London side continue to struggle to make an impact in the Premier League, their bread and butter.

Arsenal are currently suffering their worst start, after 12 games, in 32 years, and despite the team's 1-0 win over West Brom on Saturday, the disgruntlement of the fans was also equally visible.

One banner on the Arsenal away side read: "Arsene thanks for the memories but it is time to say goodbye," while another one had: "Enough is enough, Wenger out."

When asked about those banners immediately after the hard-fought 1-0 win over West Brom, Wenger chose to stay silent, but the manager did open up about it a little while later, stressing on the remarkable consistency that Arsenal have shown during his tenure.

"Look, in the last 15 years, we have qualified [every time] for the last 16 in the Champions League," said Wenger. "Give me another club who has done that. I think we have shown extreme consistency and that's all we can do.

"We've had ups and downs in the league -- yes, it's true, but you only come back again when the spirit is strong and healthy and united inside the club.

"And I think if you have shown such a consistency, it's because we have that at the club. We have values and we respect them."

The problem, though, is not that particular consistency. The problem lies in the fact that Arsenal have not been able to take that extra couple of steps needed to consistently challenge for the major trophies.

After all, Arsenal cannot realistically now challenge for the Premier League title – they are 13 points behind league leaders Chelsea -- a title they last won in 2004, while Wenger's men have struggled to get out of the last 16 and even qualify for the quarterfinals too many times of late.

Also Wenger has also been criticised for lacking in tactics, with Arsenal continuing to struggle defensively this season, whole throwing way too many bodies forward, even when they have the lead.

Wenger, though, believes that particular criticism is unwarranted. "I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983," added Wenger, who is the main reason behind Arsenal turning into one of the biggest clubs in the world. "If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius -- I can hide it very well.

"I can do my job, I do my job with total commitment. I would like you to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce, and you will see that it is total commitment.

"Am I hurt by any of the criticism? No. Honestly, no."