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Alexis Sanchez believes Arsenal have the quality to consistently win trophiesReuters

Alexis Sanchez has been the main man for Arsenal this season, with the Chile international making playing in the English Premier League look like a walk in the park.

And as far as Sanchez is concerned, when compared to the La Liga, the Premier League is indeed his cup of tea.

After making a big-money move from Udinese to Barcelona, Sanchez could not quite hit the heights expected, and the electric forward believes that was because Barca's playing style just did not suit him all that well.

"It cost me a lot to adapt to playing the Barcelona way," Sanchez told The Times. "The first year was OK and then the second year I was better, but I needed time.

"Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play."

Sanchez has been the main reason why Arsenal haven't fallen even further down the pecking order in the Premier League this season, with the soon-to-be 26-year-old time and again scoring that vital goal to help pick up those precious points.

However, Sanchez, always the team player, believes he has been able to settle into life at Arsenal so easily and quickly because of his teammates.

"My teammates have helped me adapt," he added. "If my teammates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy."

Sanchez went a further step by even saying that the quality at Arsenal is not that different from that at Barcelona, insisting the Premier League side had players as good as the ones who ply their trade at the Camp Nou.

"The quality here is impressive," said Sanchez. "You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that.

"It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same."

If the quality is indeed the same, as Sanchez suggests, then it does beg the question: Why aren't Arsenal competing for the big prizes season after season, like Barcelona always seem to?

Maybe, the missing piece was Sanchez.