Stephen Amell as ArrowCWArrow/Facebook

The "Arrow" Season 4 finale was thoroughly disliked by fans, who took to Twitter to express their disgust and disappointment over the episode. The outrage on social media even led to the "Arrow" subreddit switching the topic to Netflix's "Daredevil" in protest. Did everyone really hate it that much?

In a recent interview with Larry King, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell spoke about "factions" that develop online, and explained how certain reactions on the internet tend to reflect a bigger picture than it really is. Incidentally, this interview was filmed before the "Arrow" season 4 finale aired (via ScreenRant).

"I think Twitter largely is overblown. I'm not saying that these people aren't passionate and I'm not saying that their opinions shouldn't matter, but I do think that their voices tend to be so loud that we think the crowd is much bigger than it actually is. I happen to think that it's much smaller. Most people still enjoy a show in the traditional way, which is to watch it ... and not to tweet constantly throughout it [sic]," he said in the interview.

This season also saw several fans divided over the topic of Oliver's love interest on the show, which also resulted in unwarranted social media attacks on the show's characters Felicity and Laurel. Amell said he found these online battles disappointing.

"I think there are sections of the fandom that take to liking a certain character by way of attacking another character. I feel like if you're going on the attack for fictional characters, you're probably not real fans of the show [sic]," he said.