A poster of The CW supernatural drama series Arrow.Facebook/Arrow

Arrow Season 6 ended on a grim note with Star City Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) turning himself into the feds, revealing to the world that he was always the vigilante, Green Arrow, authorities suspected him to be.

What's coming next season is anybody's guess - a jailbreak. However, given Queen's righteousness, he will find a way to step out of the prison using nothing but the law.

Ever since the finale, social media platforms have been abuzz with theories as to who could be the next big villain. Although the name Longbow Hunters have come up often on online forums where fans discuss show predictions, there are people who have their bets on the Longbow Hunters.

We'll explain these names later, for now, what we know for sure (well almost) is that Queen's stay at the Slabside maximum security prison is going to be longer than expected. Former show-runner Marc Guggenheim posted a photo of his visitor's card to the prison on Twitter with a caption that read "Come pay Oliver a visit."

Back to the Longbow Hunters, who, according to rumours could very well be Ricardo Diaz's (Kirk Acevedo) next ally. Diaz was left with nothing and no one when team Arrow and the FBI decided to dismantle his operation. Even though Laurel Lance/ Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) managed to throw him off the roof and into the sea with her sonic scream, Diaz was shown to be alive.

Longbow Hunters are basically a group of fighters who are fiercer than the League of Assassins. They belong to the 1950s but were not to be heard of for long. However, there have been predictions that characters called Angeline, Dover and Leah is expected to be part of the show.

However, there's also this idea that the makers are using the names to misdirect fans/ viewers. Apparently, Angeline's description is eerily similar to how one would describe Batwoman – diverse woman in her early 30s.

There's no way of being sure of any of this, but the good side is Arrow is returning to the small screen on October 15.