Stephen Amell as ArrowCWArrow/Facebook

Stephen Amell is currently seen battling the foot clan and mutant animals as Casey Jones in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," but that doesn't mean the actor has shifted focus from the character that brought him into the limelight in the first place.

The "Arrow" star has been very vocal about addressing fan criticism for the show's season 4 finale and had teased earlier that the upcoming season 5 of the show will go "back to basics."

During his latest interview with DC All Access, Amell said that fans of the show should expect a major shift in the status quo going forward.

"Of course everything is going to change. If you seen the finale, you know there is going to be a whole element for me professionally that we really haven't seen yet, and we have been in this cycle of introducing shows for a couple of years now. Obviously Supergirl is coming to the network, but we don't have to introduce Supergirl. I think we are going to focus a lot on just getting back to some of the stuff that Arrow does really well."

When asked for some details regarding Oliver Queen's new villain in Season 5, Amell said the history of the show will be a factor in the reveal.

"The only thing that I can tease is that it's only a villain we could do if we were in Season 5 of a show because it calls back to what has happened in yesteryear or yester-season as the case may be." Amell had also revealed earlier that Arrow's nemesis in Season 5 will not have any superpowers.