Roy Harper aka Arsenal (Colton Haynes) might have gone for good, but the viewers of "Arrow" still love the character and want to see him reunite with Thea Queen aka Speedy (Willa Holland) in season 4.

However, the co-creators Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti have already stated that Haynes will not reprise his role in the upcoming sequel. According to them, the actor had signed a deal for two years and they knew that he will have to bid adieu to the team at one point.

"When we made the deal, we made a two-season deal that had a clock on it, we always knew that," executive producer Guggenheim told Deadline.

But followers of "Arrow" do not have to lose hope as Emily Bett Rickards recently teased about Arsenal's return. "I want [Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak] to be players together... [to] see if they can help the Thea, help the Roy," Melty quoted her as saying.

Since co-creator Guggenheim revealed that there are planning a really great surprise for the flashbacks of season premiere, it can be assumed that Haynes might reprise his role as Arsenal in a few of the flashback sequences, if not in real time.

Additionally, things are heating up in The CW supernatural series as Oliver and Felicity are all set to take viewers through a roller coaster ride by adding new elements in the premiere episode of season 4 titled "Green Arrow".

"The fundamental part of the season, that nobody is really going to understand until they see the premiere, is that we do something in the premiere that we've never done in the history of the show. It does something for the remainder of the season that there's going to be a constant jeopardy in the show, even if times are good. It's a really interesting technique. I think it promotes a good story. I think it will pique people's interest," said Stephen Amell during the Arrow panel at Dragon Con 2015.

Meanwhile, Katie Cassidy teased some unexpected changes for her character in "Arrow" season 4. "I'm not the girlfriend or the love interest, I actually have my own storyline. [But] I'm sure at some point, hopefully ... not to be selfish on a personal level, they'll cast someone to potentially be my love interest. It'll probably happen and I like that I have my own storyline aside from Team Arrow as well; I have my own identity," she said.

So fans of The CW series can get ready for a bumpy ride with Team Arrow in season 4 from Wednesday, 7 October, at 8pm.