The CW supernatural drama "Arrow" will reportedly feature actress Caity Lotz as vigilante Sara Lance aka White Canary in the premiere episode of season 4.

The former lover of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) was killed by a mysterious archer in Starling City while she was on a secret mission for League of Assassins.

But followers of the show can expect to see their favourite characters in the upcoming sequel as series creator Marc Guggenheim teased that she will be playing a vital role in first few episodes. "The White Canary will be launched in the first few episodes of Arrow," E!Online quoted him as saying.

Although he did not share many details about the return of Lotz's character, speculations suggest that she will be raised from death with the help of Lazarus Pit. So it remains to be seen whether Malcolm Merlyn is behind the rebirth of Sara Lance as he is the new Ra's al Ghul.

During the San Diego Comic Con 2015, actor John Barrowman stated that his character is deeply attached to Team Arrow and considers them as his family member.

"My Malcolm, I believe I have a soft spot for every one of those people on that team. And I haven't figured out why. Maybe it's because of Tommy knowing most of them or it's because I look at Oliver being like a son. Or my daughter, I knew I was training her to be part of it. I will protect them. But if I have to kill someone, I will. It's as black and white as that. But don't mess with them. Don't get in the way, because I will put my neck out on the line to protect them. That's what I think. That's what makes it work for me," he told Screen Rant.

However, it is not clear whether the return of White Canary will pose threat for Team Arrow, especially Oliver and his lady love, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

Meanwhile, a new report stated that Thea Queen aka Speedy (Willa Holland) will have romantic relationship with a new character named Alex. He is described as a witty, handsome and charming political consultant, who is sharp enough to make Thea forget about Roy Harper aka Arsenal (Colton Haynes), according to TV Line.

The CW will air the premiere episode of "Arrow" season 4 on Wednesday, 7 October, at 8pm.