Constantine may return to "Arrow" for Season 4 finale
Constantine may return to "Arrow" for Season 4 finaleFacebook/Arrow

"Arrow" Season 4 is coming to a very thrilling end with just a couple of episodes to go. But as of now, it looks like the season's Big Bad Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is infinitely more powerful than Oliver (Stephen Amell). It is understood that Oliver will get help from a surprising force in the finale, which has led us to believe that Constantine (Matt Ryan) may be returning for the Season 4 episode 23 "Schism."

In "Monument Point," Team Arrow learned that HIVE and Darhk have been planning to launch nuclear attacks all over the world. Thanks to Felicity (Emily Bett RIckards) and her father Noah (Tom Amandes), all the missiles were stopped, except one, which Felicity redirected to less populated town.

Although this put a dent in Darhk's plans, he became a lot more powerful by absorbing the souls of all the people that died in the town. Oliver will now need to improve his skill sets to fight Darhk, because his bow and arrow or his ripped body doesn't stand a chance against the villain aided by dark magic.

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We all know Oliver will definitely find a way to defeat Darhk in the end, but he will get some sort of help from a surprising force. It could come in the form of Constantine, who is adept in magic and is a good friend to Oliver, even restoring Sara's (Caity Lotz) soul earlier this season.

The upcoming Season 4 episode 22 "Lost in the Flood" will hopefully give fans an idea of what is to come in the finale. Check out the promo for the episode shared by Television Promos shared via YouTube and the synopsis here:

Oliver and Diggle work to save Thea; Felicity, Curtis and Noah team up to stop Darhk (Neal McDonough).