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After keeping fans waiting for around six weeks, "Arrow" Season 3 is back with news that Oliver Queen/Arrow (Stephen Amell) is alive.

It has been learnt that Maseo (Karl Yune) saved Oliver, after the latter was mercilessly thrown off a snow-crusted cliff into the frozen ravine. Tatsu (Rila Fukishima) was shown pulling Oliver's body through the mountain ranges so as to resurrect him.

Maseo helped Oliver by going against the wishes of Ra's al Ghul. He did this because he wanted to pay off a life debt to Oliver. The midseason premiere of "Arrow" Season 3 was called "Left Behind," and it showed Team Arrow trying to come to terms with Oliver's death. Felicity is shown maintaining the indomitable spirit to fight, but is left shaken when Malcolm returns with traces of Oliver's blood.

The worst fear of Felicity, Roy and Diggle comes true when they realise that Oliver/Arrow is not coming back. Felicity goes to Ray and says, "It won't work.... It won't bring your fiancée back. Nothing we can do will bring [dead loved ones] back," reported TV Line.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Roy are shown making a plan to continue with Arrow's mission. They set out to bust Brick's notorious plans of confiscating the police files, but Brick gets his hands on the files. Felicity is later shown apologizing to Ray for shouting. She shares her pain of losing a friend.

"I'm not sure what we were, but he's gone.... I'm 25 years old. I'm over my quota," she says as per the website. Malcolm and Thea are shown in the loft, where they realise that they are in danger and should leave the town.

"Left Behind" gave a sneak peak of what will happen to Team Arrow without Oliver/Arrow. Startling City needs Oliver/Arrow back and the episode clearly establishes his importance in Team Arrow.

"Arrow" Season 3's next episode is called "Midnight City" and it will air on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CW.