Spinoff series for The Flash and Arrow
Spinoff series for The Flash and Arrow to feature favorite characters from both shows.Facebook/ The Flash

"Arrow" and "The Flash" creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, along with Marc Guggenheim are working with CW to create a combined spinoff show for the successful series. It is understood that the potential new drama series will feature many beloved characters from both "Arrow" and "The Flash".

The project inspired by DC comics would star Brandon Routh, Wenton Miller, Victor Garber and Caity Lotz, reported The Wrap. All four of them have portrayed popular characters in the CW superhero shows.

The new, untitled series is reported to set around Atom or Ray Palmer, portrayed by Routh in "Arrow". He displayed his Atom avatar for the first time in "Nanda Parbat", episode 15 of Season 3, which aired on 25 February.

Meanwhile Miller, who appeared as the villain Captain Cold (also known as 'Leonard Snart') in "The Flash", would also have a significant role.

Despite her character Sara Lance (also known as 'The Canary') getting killed in "Arrow" so that Kate Casidy could take over as "Black Canary", Lotz has been confirmed to be part of the new show.

Garber who is popular as Dr Martin Stein in "The Flash", would also join the cast for the spinoff series, while three other DC universe characters, who have not been revealed would have key roles in the show.

"The Flash" and "Arrow", both have strong fan followings and they would most possibly unite to make the spinoff a success.