Jasleen Kaur vs Sarvjeet Singh case
Jasleen Kaur vs Sarvjeet Singh case.Twitter

Delhi-based Sarvjeet Singh, who was accused of making obscene remarks and threatening by Jasleen Kaur, has been acquitted of all charges by a Delhi court.

While this verdict has raised some serious questions against the girl's motive behind making those charges against the man in 2015, wide-spread outrage can be seen against the media houses that had declared Sarvjeet guilty without any solid evidence.

The case of Sarvjeet Singh vs Jasleen Kaur is a perfect example of how irresponsible media trial can instantly demolish a person's reputation and cause mental torture.

The court acquitted Sarvjeet after the complainant's side failed to produce any significant evidence that could prove the charges made against him.

The Court's Verdict

In the present case, the complainant has made material improvements in her statements. The testimony of the complainant is not trustworthy and casts serious doubt on the case of the prosecution. Moreover, the place of incident was a public road and expected to be crowded at the time of the incident and no public witness was examined in the present case.

This non-examination of the eyewitnesses who could have supported the case of the prosecution casts serious doubt on the case of the prosecution in the present circumstances when the version of the complainant is doubtful, the court said.

The Viral Tweet in 2015

In a tweet, Jasleen with a picture of Sarvjeet had accused him of making vulgar remarks and threatening her when she had objected to his attempt of jumping a traffic signal.

The tweet had gone viral, followed by a charge sheet against Sarvjeet. Even Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal had also praised the girl for her "bravery". In the process, Sarvjeet had reportedly lost his job and had faced immense humiliation. Even his parents were shamed for supporting their son.


However, all the charges have now turned out to be false, and massive anger can be seen on social media against Jasleen and the media that had shamed Sarvjeet on national television.

Should Jasleen Kaur Be Punished?

Many of the angry netizens have demanded strict action against the girl for making false charges against the man. Even hashtag #ArrestJasleenKaur started trending on Twitter. Also, reporters and media houses that had shamed Sarvjeet should apologise, many demanded. CM Arvind Kejriwal is also being targeted for supporting the girl back then and is being asked to put out an apology to the man.

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