arnab goswami
Arnab Goswami during a press event in MumbaiWikimedia Commons / Debastein

Times Now chief Arnab Goswami has put his papers down, reports are out like a wildfire now. However, there is no confirmation yet from the horse's mouth. On Tuesday night's Newshour, the prime-time TV show that has made him a breakout star among the Indian household over the years, the know-it-all journalist mentioned nothing about his resignation.

It is being reported, however, that Arnab could be seen for one final time on Wednesday night's Newshour. Reports, remember. No confirmation as such!

Anyway, in case that actually happens and the Times News Network (TNN) management does take a call to ask the 43-year-old to say his emphatic "On the Newshour tonight!" one last time in the revered Indian news channel tonight, we have all the details for you where you can stay witness to the well, historic occasion.

Date: November 2.

Time: 9 pm IST.

TV: Times Now.

Live streaming and highlights: Times Now dot TV, YouTube.

"Game has just begun" is what Arnab told his Times Now team at an edit meeting on Tuesday, which was also attended by reporters from Delhi and Mumbai. Whether Arnab's trademark "The Nation wants to know" transforms to "The game has just begun" on tonight's edition of the Newshour, is what remains to be seen.

"I am not the kind of person who will collect moss. I am a rolling stone," The News Minute quoted him as saying in the meeting. Arnab also mentioned that "independent media" is the way ahead and he will stay on for around 30 years more.

According to TNM sources, Arnab Goswami's next venture includes a TV news channel with a big digital footprint. The journalist, apart from being the face of the India-based global news channel, will be a prominent stakeholder in the venture as well.

"One of the reasons why he wanted to move to a new venture is because this was the stage in his career to not just be an Editor, but to own a venture," the source mentioned.