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Arnab Goswami has alleged an attack by Youth Congress goons, which has now sparked numerous debates and rage on both sides. Adding to the already tense situation and the current warfare raging between political sects in the country, Bollywood celebrities are adding their opinions and lending support to either side. 

Many celebrities and filmmakers are reacting to the attack on the journalist. They are also commenting on the situation of free speech in the country and how attacks on journalists are becoming more common. 


Arban Goswami attacked

Controversial journalist Arnab Goswami was recently subject to violence by goons who attacked him and his wife Samya while they were on their way back from their studios at 12:15 am on Wednesday. The journalist claimed that the attack was organised by Congress and accused Sonia Gandhi of being the mastermind behind it. 

This has led to a huge outcry on social media about the veracity of Goswami's claims on one hand, and on the lack of safety and blatant violence being carried out in India. An FIR has been filed against the perpetrators, who are claimed to be Youth Congress workers. The goons had attacked Arnab's vehicle and tried to break the windows. Arnab and his wife escaped unscathed. 

The #ArnabGoswami has been trending on Twitter, as netizens are condemning the attack, there are also other hashtags like #ArrestArnab and #DramaBandKarArnab that are demanding that the journalist be reprimanded for falsely accusing Congress and for exaggerating the attack. A complaint has also been registered by Congress on Arnab for communalising the Palghar violence that took the lives of three. 

Celebrities react to attack on Arnab Goswami

Many celebrities have come forward to provide their opinion on the issue. Bollywood actors and filmmakers commented on the issue on Twitter:

This issue doesn't seem to be resolving itself anytime soon. With the Coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic, the rising communalism, crashing economy and political uncertainty, the last thing we need is more controversy. 

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