Arman Khan's Successful Career Story

People often dream of getting any job or even a small role in the film industry. The film industry is highly competitive and only the people with the best skill set can even enter. Here is the story of a person, who with his diligence and skills gained a spot in both Bollywood and British industries.

Arman Khan comes from a humble family who never stopped dreaming big. He shifted to the UK when he was a small boy and instantly lost his heart to the place. His love for film-making and the UK made him pursue a degree in media from a college in London. His dedication to his profession started from his college days itself. He didn't believe in spending time doing stereotypical college things like partying and hanging out with friends. Instead, he immersed himself into film-making and learnt all the minute elements. He gave equal importance to both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Soon after he graduated, he was offered an internship as a camera assistant that he instantly took. He later got many job roles like an actor, VFX designer, editor, casting director, sound designer, writer, cinematographer, DOP, director, and many more, he claims. He did justice to each one of his job roles and gained knowledge and exposure through these job roles.

He was offered the role of assistant casting director {then was promoted to the role of casting director} for many movies like Rustom, LoveShhuda, Azhar, Welcome2Karachi, and many more.

His secret behind quality pictures and videos is that he always maintains a perfect balance between his technical, analytical, and creative aspects. Also, he puts his heart and soul into any project and tries to give 100% to everything.

He contributed his VFX and sound design skills to the documentary 'The New Arrivals.' He also released a film named 'Quickie' in 2018, where he juggled the roles of sound designer, cinematographer, and VFX designer.

He contributed his cinematography skills and knowledge {UK shot} to the recent film "Mimi" which had some actors like Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi.

He also grabbed a cinematography opportunity and worked closely with the British production industry and created a video for an Aston Martin commercial. He is being offered projects from both Bollywood and British industries and he wants to choose the projects which will create a social impact, he says.

He is presently creating a screenplay that revolves around a true war story that revolves around the fights and wars between two tribes: Ghabizai and Ahmadzai.

He is also a passionate teacher and an entrepreneur. He has recently started a business called "Picturental" through which he rents out services and tools required for any shoot.