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Arma 3 from Bohemia Interactive gets a new community guide video that walks players through the combined warfare in the game.

The video concentrates on the transportation and support systems in the game as well as the synergy infantry, vehicles, artillery and aircrafts. 

The Community Guide video tells that Arma 3's main component in the warfare are the infantrymen and all the other elements like air assets and ground assets are to help the infantry. Combine Arms Warfare is nothing but working together of all these elements.

Infantry: It is the focal point of the game helping players to clear urban areas and to hold ground during a battle. Though foot mobile infantry will not be able to protect themselves against armed vehicles both land and air, they can be quite and stealthy.

But armored vehicles are without any stealth feature and are noisy, but these flaws have been compensated with speed and better fire range.

Players must not concentrate on a single element of warfare but must diversify his attack style.

Transportation: Players can get their soldier into battle area via ground vehicles (armored or unarmored trucks, armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehiles), helicopters or via boats.

Players must use ground transport for greater mobility of troops and must have an edge with the help of mounted guns on the vehicles providing cover.

Helicopters are also used to transport soldier for locations where ground vehicles cannot reach and help bypass enemy positions. However players must be careful about enemy missiles as they can take down these helicopters.

The senior leader must decide when to get in a vehicle and when to come out of it and they must immediately relay the message when the task is done; they must also choose a landing area or suggest a pick-up point. It is also better to move on foot than to be inside the armored truck when taking fire as it might be tantamount to being a sitting duck.

The sea transportation includes inflatable boats that can help drop soldiers quickly and return. Players are advised not to fire upon targets unnecessary as it the boats are vulnerable for attacks.

Support: These vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles and tanks) have the primary role of providing fire support and reconnaissance. These units act as force multipliers for the infantry. Armored vehicles can use sensors to see things that the infantry cannot and also fire at targets that are far. The armored provide protection against heavier guns from longer distance. The heavy weapons can be used to attack hard points and enemy bunkers.

Players can also use anti-aircraft vehicles that will take down enemy air attacks. They can also use aerial support in certain areas acting as a vantage point but they must also be careful about anti-aircraft guns.

Infantry can also use colored and laser designators to differentiate between enemy and friendly positions.

Players can also use artillery support, which is powerful and strike from a longer range for elevation from ground assets. But it takes time for the artillery to determine the correct settings. All these things must be taken care of by a forward observer who can call in artillery support form friendly position close to the enemy.

Arma 3 was released on Sept. 12 exclusively for PC. The game costs $60 on Steam, however there is also a Digital Deluxe Edition that is also available. The Deluxe edition includes Arma 3 soundtrack, a map of Altis, the Tactical Guide (300+ pages), and a Steam version of Arma: Cold War Assault.

(YouTube: Arma3official)