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What happens when someone has to play a key role in investigating a case, gets arrested for being part of the crime that has happened? Will he just make sure that he is set free from the crime to proving that he is innocent or bring the mastermind behind the crime into the limelight? So this investigative journalist is none other than Arjun Suravaram.

Arjun Suravaram is one of the most delayed films in recent times and has given sleepless nights to team of the film. Directed by Santosh TN, the film has Nikhil Siddhartha, Lavanya Tripathi, Vennela Kishore and Satya Akkala in lead roles. The film released on November 29 and is doing well at the box office. Here is Arjun Suravaram review.

Arjun (Nikhil) works as an investigative journalist in the film and he falls in love with his colleague (Lavanya). While he is having all the fun of his life, he gets arrested for being suspected in a fake certificate scam. After coming out on bail, Arjun starts his work to know who is behind the scam. How he finds the mastermind behind is something he has to watch on screen.

The subject of fake certification has been handled well by the director. How the mafia operates and what actually happens throughout the process is shown well. One can say that this film has Nikhil Siddharth's career-best performance. From his screen presence to body language, there is a lot of improvement in him.

Lavanya Tripathi and Nikhil's pair is good enough and they have really done it well. Vennela Kishore and Satya have got meaty roles and they did it well. Nagineedu was amazing as an emotional father.

The last twenty minutes of the first half is gripping enough, but while concentrating on this, looks like the director lost grip on the second half. Some logics have been missing and after a lot of suspense, audiences expect that the climax would be special. But the climax isn't that great. BGM of the music is entertaining enough to keep up the thrill.