Arjun Dattaji Meghe
Arjun Dattaji Meghe

Arjun Dattaji Meghe has made a subtle yet strong impression on both worlds, business and politics. Aged 25, he has spent 4 years of his life to raise sensitivity against patriarchal norms and improve the state of our community in various ways. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Arjun decided early on in his life that he aspires to be an ace businessman and an even better politician. He is the son of seasoned politician Shri Dattaji Meghe.

He launched his business career by co-founding a Media Solutions Company, India Film Factory. Being the leader that he is, he was passionately involved with the management and operational aspects of the company and assisted abundantly in the growth of the company through client acquisitions. Datta Meghe Institutions, ICICI Bank and Global Citizen Festival are some of the business conglomerates that the company has been associated with.

For a developing nation like ours, it is necessary for us to bring changes and implement ideas that showcases the world that we are building towards greatness, slowly and steadily. Arjun has contributed his share although, still has a long way to go, via his breakthrough idea of 'Litcabs'. Litcabs was co-founded by Arjun in early 2019 with the aim of reshaping OOH Media and Solutions. The company sells ad space via mounted displays on black and yellow taxi cabs of Mumbai. This quantum leap of technology and marketing was made possible by Arjun, whose company now has over 300 taxis and services clients like Future Group, Organic Riot, Loktantra amongst others.

For any farsighted minded individual, education is of prime importance because the young of today will one day lead the young of tomorrow. So, to make his contribution towards building an educated and opinionated community, Arjun serves as the trustee of Datta Meghe World Academy (a CBSE Board School) in Navi Mumbai which has over 2000 students. He also founded and chairs the 'Insaniyat Association', formed to focus on issues of women empowerment, social development, sports, education and health. Through his leadership, the association has managed to grow from 7 trustees to 3000 members as of today.

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