Arijit Singh performs for Temptation Reloaded 2014 Malaysia (Varinder Chawla)
Arijit Singh performs for Temptation Reloaded 2014 Malaysia.Varinder Chawla

For someone who is gifted as well as successful, Arijit Singh comes across a tad insecure about his hold in the music industry. He says he doesn't have too many days left in Bollywood.

"I don't think I have a long way to go. This might be my last year. Normally, fresh voices replace (current favourites) every five to seven years in Bollywood," he told Mid-Day.

Now, what could have caused Singh to make such a statement? Also, will he manage to stay relevant in an industry that changes at the bat of an eyelid?

Singh says the pattern can be broken only if he works hard on specific genres. "That way, I can emerge as the only singer who can croon songs of those genres. Maybe that's how I will survive," he reasoned.

Despite being one of the most loved singers, Singh prefers to stay away from attention. He told the daily that he enjoys living with less interruptions, and keeping safe distance from social media helps the cause.

"I enjoy a quiet life, without much interruption. Over the past three years, I have seen my fan base grow, and I think it's essential for them to know that I've always been someone who refrains from interactions because I enjoy a silent life. With the growth of social media, this, too, becomes difficult," Singh added.

Is this coming from the major controversy he landed himself in by pleading with Salman Khan for a song in Sultan on Facebook?

The singer had shared a long post about how he is apologetic about having made fun of Khan's hosting skills and requested him to retain his version of Jag Ghoomeya in the sports-drama film. However, the situation spiralled out of control when quite a few versions of the incident surfaced.