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Let's say Ariana Grande has been in the news for quite a long time and this will be the perfect time for her to release a new song. Although she has been giving us a glimpse of '7 rings' in bits and pieces. On Thursday, she shared a small snippet of the music on Twitter.

She was knee walking on a table in a set that was illuminated by pink colours.

Now, we have the full song with us along with the video. And boy! It's one song that sets the temperature rising!

The song feels like it's talking about women's empowerment at times but when the "Bang Bang" singer goes "I want it, I got it," the chorus makes you feel that she is talking about the privileges that she enjoys on a daily basis.

The song starts on a very rich tone with lyrics that goes, "Lashes and Diamonds, ATM machines, Buy myself all of the favourite things," this lyrics straightforwardly states the easy lifestyle that she has right now.

But as the song progresses, Ariana gets deeper into the dynamics of the social class that she has found herself in. If seen closely she addresses mental problems too, "Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch," (by the way did she just us a glimpse into her relationship-gone-stale with Pete Davidson) which quickly transcends down to the defence mechanism that people choose to do, "Rather be tied up with no calls and not strings," she would rather go forth and work hard, sing in more concerts and "deposit big cheques."

Sure, we have come a long way with gender roles but there are still certain areas where we might put our preconceived notions on women, that is the reason where the "Thank u, next' singer has to put it that "Wearing a ring but not cause I'm no Mrs." And seriously, can't woman live the way she wants to live? And on that note, the 'Dangerous woman' would rather 'spoil her friends with her riches'.

But then again the song goes back into the lifestyle that she has, where she hops from one shop to another shop and easily get things that she wants.

So, coming down to the conclusion, is the new low-fi pop song worth a listen? Sure! Why not? This song will be an instant hit in clubs and people (millenials, to be precise) will really like the song. Yes, they will. Not and opinion. They will!