Fans shouldn't expect Ariana Grande to change her hairstyle anytime soon, as a source recently revealed that her signature high ponytail is a means to cover bald patches.

Reportedly, her hair is a mess, and Grande could be going bald on top. This is one of the reasons why Grande relies heavily on hair extensions, a source on the set of Grande's new show "Scream Queens" told OK! Magazine.

"Her hair is a mess - what's left of it, anyway. It's destroyed at the ends, and the reason she scrapes it back into a high ponytail all the time is because it's kind of patchy on top," the source said, according to Belfast Telegraph. "Without extensions in, it's bad. Don't expect her with a new 'do any time soon."

"She's scared that if she tries another style, the [patchy] areas will show." The only way to rectify this problem, according to the source, is to shave it all off and start growing her hair again. But Grande isn't ready to do that.

Grande herself has spoken about her hair problem in an Instagram message saying constant dying for her roles on Nickelodeon shows "Victorious" and "Sam & Cat" has aggravated the issue.

While Grande's signature high ponytail is one of her best features, her ex boyfriend Big Sean wasn't such a fan of the style, according to reports.

Although Sean had encouraged Grande to wear her hair down more often, Grande wasn't confident enough to flaunt her natural look, a source told Star, according to Oceanup.

"He's totally encouraging her to wear her hair down more. She's attached to her big ponytail because it makes her feel protected and more confident, but he's making her feel like she doesn't need that. He tells her she's beautiful with the ponytail too, but he's been encouraging her to wear her hair down more, he likes it," the source said.

Grande and Big Sean started dating in August 2014, and broke up early this year.