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American pop singer Ariana Grande's third studio album, "Dangerous Woman," is due in a month. After releasing the eponymous lead single of the album in March and following it up with "Be Alright," the singer recently released "Let Me Love You," the third single from "Dangerous Woman," which features rapper Lil Wayne.

"Let Me Love You" is a slow downtempo and RnB influenced pop song that reflects the sultry and sensual side of Grande's singing. In fact, for almost two-thirds of the track's duration, the pop singer sings in a downplayed voice and talks about moving on from an ex while falling in love with someone new before Lil Wayne joins in with his rap.

Grande is known for her wide vocal range, versatile singing and the unique 1990s style perspective she brings to RnB music. Her previous records established this fact and, from the way the three released singles sound, "Dangerous Woman" will continue the tradition while offering a little more experimentation.

The singer also revealed the tracklist for the album on her Instagram profile a day before she released "Let Me Love You." Apart from Lil Wayne, the 15-track album will also see Grande collaborating with soul/jazz singer Macy Gray and rappers Nicki Minaj and Future. The producers enlisted for the album are Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Johan Carlsson, Tommy Brown and Twice as Nice.

Check out the tracklist below.