"Once you are determined to achieve a goal, you strive for it". The statement is candidly righteous for the venerable hotshot Arhaan khan.He recognised his passion as acting, when he was in 9th class, during his school days. Though he never was much of an active participant in the school acting clubs or dramas , he was fixated enough to procure his dream of becoming an actor.

After the culmination of his school days, Arhaan moved to Mumbai, the city of lights and dreams , and commenced his voyage into the acting world. In the early days , he was a part of a theatre in Bhopal and was profoundly active on social media platforms , creating creative , non conformal, appealing videos which gained overwhelming support , proving to be the driving factor for him.

An intriguing, audacious and elegant personality, his adherence to his goal and his persistence is intensely exhibited in his work environment.

A city where parties, clubbing and socialising are quite lucrative for other youths of his age, Arhaan is quite deviated from the norm. He goes for his friends' birthday bashes , once in a blue moon and dedicates that time to his personal growth and upliftment. His resolve is what draws the line of distinction between him and the others.

After relocating to Mumbai, where Arhaan is also pursuing his BMS, his lifestyle is quite inspiring. From morning 5, his daily schedule is tightly packed, with tasks like martial arts, gymnastics, dance and gymming all with professional celeb trainers. From the venerable perfectionist himself:" I am always excited to work, pursuing passion is never tiring. After coming to Mumbai, I realised, I have started hating Sundays, taking a day off seems like 24 hours down the drain, I want to utilize every second I have".

A colossal fan of Tiger Shroff, Arhaan admires his physique and his work. He even aspires to perform action scenes. Currently he has taken up the 6-month-body-transformation challenge.

His trainers are top notch personalities who have trained megastars like Hrithik Roshan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Tiger Shroff and a zillion others.

Hollywood stars like, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert Downey Jr. impel him to do better every second and Cole spouse, tom holland and Daniel del lewis are some of his favourites.

The young luminary is determined to hit the Bullseye He aims to soon have a herculean launch and wishes that he would procure immense love and support. His work and dedication is unrivalled and unmatched. We hope for his ginormic success and wish he blesses us with more and more exciting news!!