DIY : Heart Paper Clips
DIY : Heart Paper Clips

A paper clip is a simple thing we find lying around at home or at work. But now it can tell you whether you a social climber, a nosy parker or even a sex addict. How? Well, just unbend it!

Mario Gmür, a psychiatrist from Switzerland, reportedly says that he can identify your personality by how you unbend a paperclip. In his study, he found that the way a person unbends the paperclip gives insight into the person's hidden desires, quirks and character.

Gmür, 69, is a renowned and acclaimed Swiss psychiatrist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. The Daily Mail states the test is part-Rorschach and part humorous horoscope and is called 'The Paperclip Test'.

So what are the various personalities you could be? Gmür has arrived at the following types – The sex addict; the social climber; the nosy parker; the false friend; the party-goer; the two-timer; the warrior and the upright citizen. In fact, he has even published a book on this.

How Gmür describes the personalities:

The sex addict – 'Passionate and sensuous, you love to be seduced. Leaping elegantly into the arms of temptation, you excel in the art of surrender.'

The social climber – 'Fair-minded and polite, you would not dream of stealing other people's glory or claiming their achievements as your own. You are committed to self-improvement.'

The nosy parker – 'You like to eavesdrop and snoop, whether for the thrill of it or because you stand to gain. You would make an excellent informant for office gossips – or the secret service.'

The false friend – 'You are adaptable and adroit and are capable of putting your morally dubious qualities to more public-spirited use. You would make an excellent spy.'

The party-goer – 'You fit in anywhere and with anyone, happy to jump on the bandwagon. Easy-going and generous in your interactions, you meet new people all the time.'

The two-timer – 'You distract your victims through cunning and sleight of hand, then rob them blind.'

The warrior – 'You take on the most ruthless aggressors and bring them down.'

The upright citizen - 'You walk through life with your head held high, but you never seem stuck-up or condescending.'