The music of classical composers such as WA Mozart and J Strauss Jr is known to have a significant impact on the listener's mind. This impact also has healing properties, at least according to German medical experts.

A study conducted by researchers at Ruhr University recently revealed that the classical music of Mozart and Strauss were effective in reducing hypertension and high blood pressure. The study, conducted to find out the effects of different genres of music on the cardiovascular system, also revealed that the composers' music was able to lower hearts rates and blood lipid concentrations of the people who acted as test subjects. It was first published in a scientific journal called Deutsches Ärzteblatt International.

During the research, 120 healthy individuals who were free of any form of medication were divided into two equal groups, one exposed to certain forms of music for 25 minutes and the other spend the time in silence. The group listening to music was further divided into two groups. One of them listened to classical music by Mozart and Strauss, while the other listened to pop band ABBA.

Final results of the study showed that the group listening to classical music had lower heart rate and blood pressure than the group listening to ABBA. The group observing silence also had lower blood pressure and heart rate but not as much as the group listening to classical music. Researchers also noted that the drop in cortisol concentration was more in men than women.

So, the next time you suffer from any of the above ailments, you know what to listen to.