Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh
Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh.YouTube Screenshot

Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh, which is a remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy, is being widely talked about on social media. While a particular section of media hailed the movie to be Shahid's best film, some others criticised the flick left, right and centre in their review.

Similar is the scene among the viewers. A lot of people have appreciated Kabir Singh as a well-crafted performance-based film, and a lot of others lambasted Shahid and the director calling it as one of the biggest misogynistic films.

The fact remains – both the section of people are right and also wrong at the same time.

First, let us talk about reasons why Kabir Singh should be appreciated.

Performance-based film

Directed by Sandeep Vanga, it is one of the best movies made in Bollywood in terms of performances. Shahid nailed it with his acting while portraying the role of an ill-tempered but brilliant medical student, who eventually turns a drug-addict and almost a psychopath. It is just a movie and watch it as a cinematic brilliance. Also, Indian film industry is often criticised for not making many movies on flawed characters. And now when they did, it faces criticism again.

Not all movies are meant to be inspirational

Kabir Singh is being criticised on the lines of glorifying toxic masculinity and misogyny. It is being said that this movie will make youths consider such abusive behaviour to be a sign of manliness, and they may imitate the same in real life. Well, it is a movie that is based on a flawed character, and not anywhere does it appear to be an inspirational film. His inappropriate actions eventually leads him to lose his lady-love, his job and even almost his life. Yes, he eventually gets the girl back, but that happens only after he quits alcohol, drugs, and becomes a better person. Only a fool can feel inspired by such sequence of events. Not all movies are meant to be inspirational.

It's Shahid Kapoor's job to play various roles

The saddest part is Shahid being slammed for playing the role of Kabir Singh. He is an actor, who is expected to portray varied roles. If he can play a "perfect" man's role in Padmaavat, why cannot he play an extremely flawed character in Kabir Singh? It is an imperfect world, and we all know such flawed characters do exist, and it is just a portrayal of the same.

Kabir Singh still
Kabir Singh stillYouTube Screenshot

Now, let us talk about the reasons why haters of Kabir Singh are right too.

Films are a powerful medium

Films are a powerful medium, and fans often tend to idiolise their favourite actors, not just off-screen but also on-screen. So, when someone expresses the fear that showing the abusive character of Kabir Singh in such a glorifying manner may have a bad impact on the young minds, he or she may not be totally incorrect. Like I said earlier that a fool only can be inspired by such a character, and like these flawed personalities, such fools also do exist in real world.

Men cheering on Kabir Singh's abusive behaviour

A lot of people on social media have been saying that they came across men in theatres who hooted and cheered for Kabir Singh every time he abused someone or displayed his toxic masculinity to the girl. This indeed is not a healthy sign.

Kabir Singh still
Kabir Singh stillYouTube Screenshot

This is how both the section of people are right and also wrong at the same time in their verdict on Kabir Singh.

The critics are right when they say glorifying such characters is not a good thing to do as it may influence young minds (the fools, remember?). But, the critics also should understand that it is not the first time a flawed character is shown as a hero on the big screen (Instance: Shah Rukh Khan's character in Baazigar). We cannot expect the directors to follow the same tried and tested path, as it will cease versatility. Also, it is not fair to expect unconventional stories from them, and at the same time lambast them when they actually come up with one. Moreover, flawed characters existed in society before Kabir Singh or Arjun Reddy were made, and they will exist even later.

Talking about the other lot of people who have been slamming the critics for their opposing views, they also cannot overrule the fact that films are a very powerful medium, and it will not be surprising to see some actually trying to follow few of Kabir Singh's atrocious antics.