NOAA Report Shows Carbon Dioxide Levels In Atmosphere Reached Record High Last Year
David McNew/Getty Images

Many people strongly believe that the doomsday on earth will be triggered by an apocalyptic event caused by an asteroid hit. However, a new study has suggested that climate change is emerging as the main threat for the humankind, and if not regulated properly, a planet-wide extinction event will begin in the next 140 years.

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As the carbon dioxide emission in the planet is getting elevated to new levels, several experts strongly believe that the geologic impact of this adverse change will be more visible on earth in the upcoming decades.

The new research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters reveals that current emission rates indicate an all-time peak in carbon dioxide levels in the coming years which the earth has never witnessed in the last 56 million years. It should be noted that increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere had once resulted in the greatest die-offs ever in the history of the earth.

As per scientists who took part in this study, the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) is a period in planetary history which indicates the level of adverse climate change and carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

When PETM reached the peak, the earth was warmed by five to eight degree Celsius, and it resulted in the extinction of various species, both in land and water. Shockingly, it took more than 150,000 years for the earth to return back to normalcy, and if such an incident again takes place on the earth, another mass extinction event will be triggered on the planet.

"It's as if we are deliberately and efficiently manufacturing carbon for emission to the atmosphere at a rate that will soon have consequences comparable to major events long ago in earth history," told Philip Gingerich, an emeritus professor at the University of Michigan's earth science department to Earther.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists argues that the earth will not be in its normalcy for another 140 years to witness the planet-wide extinction climate change. As per these conspiracy theorists, a rogue space body named Planet X is now in its collision course towards earth, and if it hits our planet, catastrophe will gulp mother earth.

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