Chris Soules
Chris SoulesFacebook/The Bachelor

Chris Soules, the star of season 19 of "The Bachelor" will take his final pick on Monday, and as per spoilers he and the winner of the dating reality season are already engaged. 

But tension between the two has started cropping up ever since Soules reportedly decided to take part in the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." People magazine confirmed that Soules will become the 12th celebrity on the 20th season of the dancing reality show, and he is expected to partner with professional dancer Witney Carson.

Instead of moving back to Iowa and resuming his life away from the media glare, Soules is now getting ready to move to Los Angeles. His fiancee isn't too happy with the situation, especially as she has already quit her job and was eagerly waiting to start a new life with Prince Farming.

"It's the ultimate betrayal," a source told In Touch, according to OK! "Not only does the winner have to start a new life, but she has to watch her fiancé go straight into the arms of another woman."

Surprisingly, this is not the first time rumour of a possible split has grabbed headlines.
Spoiler guru Reality Steve hinted at a possible split during a chat with his fans, saying: "My guess is they are doing the long distance thing until they decide if they actually do want to get married, which I don't think will happen."

It is not immediately known if there is any truth to these rumours, and only time will tell if Soules and winner Whitney Bischoff make it to the altar. In the meantime, the final episode of ABC's dating reality show will see Soules and the finalists – Whitney Bischoff ad Becca Tilley – meeting his parents, and seeking their advice before Prince Farming makes his final decision.

"Chris seems incredibly torn between Becca and Whitney," an ABC synopsis for the episode reads. "He's definitely into both of them, but Whitney appears to be -- at least at the moment -- more inclined to move to Arlington. Chris's dad seems to think Chris is favoring Becca, which definitely puts Chris in a tight spot in choosing the right woman to marry. There will be a lot of gut checks and more than a few tears leading up to the nervewracking finale."

"The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015) finale, which is a three-hour special, airs 9 March, 2015 on ABC.