Ar. Vikrant Bhute

Managing director Ar. Vikrant Bhute focuses more on enhancing the look with a minimalist approach Ar. Vikrant Bhute is the principal architect and Managing Director of Concepts Architects & Interior Designers, a leading firm that provides Architectural Services providing Space Planning, Designing, Landscape, Vastu, Interior, and also architectural solutions since 2003.

He founded concepts with a vision of classy and elegant yet affordable services for lower-middle-income groups. Their service is provided via online & offline mediums catering to all groups of people, from regional to off-shore clients with his only aim to provide satisfactory and affordable services

Some of the projects like Synergy World, Ramada Talao, Khaamb Talao, Sanjeevan Hospital, Priyadarshini Auditorium, and one of the biggest weddings in Delhi. Their wide range of work coverage depicts their efficiency in managing and designing every kind of space artistically and functionally. He provides his input in each of the projects along with providing a dedicated team of professionals for each project. His teams of experts and engineers have experience in handling projects with the most intricate requirements.

While synergy world is an integrated township with Bungalows & flat schemes with all aspects as per spaces & ventilation with aesthetics. The Ramada Bridge in chandrapur is yet another work of his and his team. Another stroke of his work which says all about his creativity & precision towards work is bridge at Bhandara, khaamb talao. Situated at the heart of Bhandara, there is a pedestrian bridge with a huge landscape that adds to its beauty. The bridge is designed with huge pylons and cables, both of which are very used for structural member & aesthetic purposes.

CAID has also designed and developed one of the biggest wedding destinations in Delhi for a business tycoon. The place was designed with a royal place-like theme on an area of 5 acres. It included huge fabricated structures that imitated different cultures and architectural elements. One fabricated structure depicted a live street in Jaipur market. Another structure imitated the concept of "Sheesh Mahal " with open seating surrounding it. Each and every detail was completed, keeping in mind the authenticity of cultural & architectural elements.

Not all CAID work could be elaborated on in a few words but each of their projects is an example of dedication to out–of–the–box results. Apart from these exclusive luxury projects he has been dedicated to working to deliver aesthetic eye-pleasing projects that are cost-friendly as well.