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The organisers of AR Rahman's UK concert at Wembley have come out with a clarification after some fans walked out of the show when the Mozart of Madras sang Tamil songs.

"Thanks to all the unbiased Indian media for supporting us on the language bias issue at the London concert. For further clarification. There was never a mass walkout during the concert. Only few confused souls walked out when the credits were played 30 mins prior to end of the show. [sic]," the organisers stated on the official AR Rahman Live – UK Facebook page.

The post read, "All Hindi audiences enjoyed the show except a very few who are intolerant. The show had 9000 audiences and they were Tamils, North Indians, Kannadigas, Telugu, etc. We don't want to point out which group were the majority of the audience. We can show videos of how the entire arena were swaying and dancing to his tunes. [sic]"

It added, "Also show was advertised as "Yesterday Today Tomorrow" and only for the Tamil channels it was advertised as "Netru Indru Maalai." Kindly don't insult a great artist for fake and cheap publicity. And to all critics and gossipers pls dont speak with fake data or out of your head without knowing the actual facts."

In an other post, the organisers, HueBox Entertainment and Hamsini Entertainment, said that the event witnessed 16 full Hindi songs, 12 full Tamil songs and one medley with a mix of Tamil and Hindi tracks.

AR Rahman's concert at Wembley in the UK caused a fight between Hindi and South Indian film viewers. Some members of the audience who had attended the event were apparently upset with the composer for singing Tamil songs as they had reached the venue with hopes of listening to Bollywood numbers.

The disappointed fans asked the organisers to refund their money as they had not gone to the concert to listen to Tamil songs.

Their comments on Twitter irked South Indian film buffs, who pointed out the forceful imposition of Hindi on them in the southern parts of the country. The Tamilians told the disappointed fans that AR Rahman belongs to their state and his biggest songs have been a part of Kollywood.