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Two time Oscar winner AR Rahman celebrated his 48th birthday on Tuesday with his family and also visited a special fan, an ailing cancer patient in Chennai. The music composer then participated in a Facebook live chat, hosted by music composer Salim Merchant, in the evening.

"He makes it a point to spend time with family on his birthday. He's not really fond of throwing a lavish birthday bash. He started his day by taking the blessings of his mother and then visited a fan who is suffering from cancer in a private hospital here," a source close to Rahman told IANS.

Earlier, the maestro had asked his fans to post their queries by tagging @myqyuki on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #HBDARR, to participate in the live chat. The composer had also mentioned that he will announce something special on his birthday.

He kept his word, announcing a new band NAFS and posted a preview of it on Facebook.

Check the video below:

During the live chat from 8 pm to 9 pm on Tuesday, Rahman answered queries of many fans.

When one of them asked him as to when he will be seen on screen as a hero, his answer was clearly No..No..No.. "Music is a gift that a few get. God has given me some recognition that I should develop by making as many songs as possible. Apart from composing music, its script writing and production that I have moved into. Anyway, I am flattered by that question. Thank You."

When asked about his favourite instrument, the music legend said that there isn't any favourite instrument now, as there are many new instruments he is trying to learn. He also mentioned that his friends working in Intel are developing a special musical instrument for him.

Watch the full live chat below: