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After the debacle of Justice League, Warner Bros are focusing on Jason Momoa's Aquaman. The superhero movie directed by James Wan has several other actors that play a prominent role in the DCEU movie. Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard are one among them.

The two leading ladies play crucial characters in Aquaman's life – Kidman plays Momoa's mother and Heard plays his love interest Mera. Though no pictures have surfaced showing the two actresses together, rumour has it that Heard is jealous of Kidman because the latter is getting more attention than the Elon Musk ex.

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According to OK! magazine, the crew has been going gaga over the 50-year-old actress which is making Heard envious.

A source told the magazine, "Everyone was saying how amazing [Kidman] looks. [Heard] had been working on the movie for months, and it took her weeks to get used to the physical demands. But Nicole just slipped into the skimpy wardrobe and the underwater scenes like she'd been doing them forever. She had loads of stamina and looked drop-dead gorgeous every day."

Kidman's flawless skills and the attention she is receiving on the sets is "bugging" Heard, the insider added.

"Amber's ego was hurting because Nicole got so many compliments. She just wasn't as fit as Nicole, and it bugged her," the grapevine added. While it is not hard to believe that Kidman could be receiving some amazing response due to the brilliant actress she is, Gossip Cop clarifies that there is no jealousy factor on sets.

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Their sources told the site that these are merely rumours and "there simply wasn't any drama or jealousy on set," Gossip Cop reported.

This isn't the only rumour doing the rounds with regard to Aquaman. Recently, a rumour about the plotline took the internet by storm which claimed that there are several villains in the movie.

Clearing the air about the plot rumour, director Wan confirmed that there is only one villain in the movie. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, he said, "This is what I'll say: I don't have three villains. I think that's ridiculous! I would never go into an origin movie with three villains. We don't even know the main character let alone the world and its antagonist. I believe in taking baby steps."

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Not much is revealed about Aquaman's plotline. However, Wan's clarification about the film was followed by a tease.

"I want to introduce Arthur Curry in a much more emotional and powerful way, and introduce Mera played by Amber Heard, and of course there's Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison playing his parents. We know Black Manta is in there, but I will say this: Patrick Wilson is the main antagonist in this film. I wouldn't necessarily say 'villain,' but he's the antagonist," he said.

Aquaman releases on December 21, 2018.