Launcher, flagship app of Beijing-based Android App developer APUS, has announced a major update that will bring a feature named Linked wallpaper.

Through the update, APUS Launcher will enable users to share wallpapers or photos and can even set the same wallpaper or split the wallpaper in half and share each half. Linked Wallpaper will allow two Android users to share wallpapers and photographs with each other.

How it works

Linked Wallpaper works by linking accounts through a unique code. After entering the code, you can choose your photos and share it with the other party or instead mirror the full image onto their home-screen.

The roll-out of Linked Wallpaper follows APUS' initiative to develop innovative and smart features that deliver not only a personalised user experience to suit the demand for a customised look and feel.

"We want our users to get a unique experience out of their Android device that's personal to them," said APUS Group CEO Li Tao. "Linked Wallpaper is an innovative new feature that's social and fun to customise their APUS Launcher and share an experience that's meaningful or exciting, yet completely unique to them."

For the uninitiated, APUS is a free-to-download Android launcher to transform your smartphone screen more useful and attractive. The app can be downloaded via Google Play Store.