Appvigil is a cloud based android app security scanner
Appvigil is a cloud based android app security scannerAppvigil

Wegilant has released an enterprise edition of their flagship product Appvigil which is touted to help developers building secured Android apps. Appvigil is claimed to be a perfect B2B technology solution for app developers to provide a secure app environment for developers and enterprises encouraging BYOD usage in their organisations to save the cost to the company.

Based on a cloud-based environment, the app security scanner detects security loopholes and vulnerabilities in Android apps. It is primarily targeted at the Android developer community including individual developers, mid-to-large app development companies, start-ups, companies with standalone mobile apps and products, enterprises opting for BYOD solutions. The pocket-friendly solution has already released a beta version of Appvigil which has been used by 500+ developers globally.

A user can immediately get started using Appvigil by visiting and signing up for a free trial. Appvigil, the app requires the .apk executable file of an android app and performs static code analysis (byte code structure of app is analysed to look for any vulnerable connection) and dynamic code analysis (Run time behaviour of app is tested against vulnerabilities) of the same on the cloud-based server of Appvigil.

Toshendra Sharma, founder & CEO, Wegilant, says: "Android is one of the most widely used and friendly mobile OS and also the most vulnerable as well. Therefore, securing the app economy blooming on this platform has now become a major responsibility. Appvigil is an answer to such challenges being faced by organizations."

The Appvigil is able to point out the exact line of codes of bugs along with suggested patch recommendation. Appvigil can also be integrated with the SDLC cycle of Android app development via Eclipse plug-in and continuous integration server plugin.