Apple Mulls an ‘iPhone Mini’ Release? Plans to Issue iPhone 5S in 5 Colours on June 2013
Apple will reportedly issue new smartphones in colourful casings – three in one-tone: pink, yellow, blue; and the rest in two-tone: white & silver and black & slate. These new handsets will be called iPhone 5S and are set for a June 2013 release.Anostyle

American technology giant Apple is reportedly planning to launch the next generation iPhone with varried sizes and probably in 8 colour variants. It is expected to launch as early as June this year.

"Our checks indicate that the next iPhone will have more choices for customers. This entails an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes with the next iPhone (i.e., likely called the iPhone 5S) that we currently believe will be launched in May/June with certain supply production starting in March/April," said Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, reports MacRumors.

He believes that Apple's strategy to come up with multiple sizes and colours will allow the company to "better bifurcate the market and expand its reach", thus leading to the possibility of cheaper iPhones or may be an 'iPhone mini'. He further says that this strategy will probably help Apple to "further penetrate markets such as China and open up opportunities in India".

White said that the iPod touch, which was released with multiple colour options few months ago, was a "testing ground" for Apple to add similar options to their flagship smartphone as well as the iPad.

According to various reports, Apple's next generation iPhone dubbed as 'iPhone 5S' is expected to come in pink, yellow, blue, black & slate, white & slate and more colours.

Many technology market analysts will agree that Apple is ought to learn a trick or two from its arch rival Samsung. The South Korean company has a huge portfolio of smartphone variants, prices ranging from Rs.4, 000 to a maximum of around RS.38, 000.

Samsung's versatility of bringing in many smartphone variants, which meets different budget needs of the consumer, has led the company to become a champion of the smartphone market with maximum shipment record in the third quarter of 2012.

Considering its position in the current technology market, Apple needs to make a radical change to its strategy from 'what the company can offer the consumer' to 'focus on what consumer wants from the company' in order to gain a formidable foothold of the market from Samsung in 2013.

Apple fans may expect the next generation iPhone and iPad with more than six colours hitting the stores by June this year.