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Apple is all set to bring out its new iOS 6 operating system as new features were showcased recently.

However, Brian Klug of AnandTech believes optimization is more important as he discovered quite a few things when iOS 6 beta was installed in iPhone 4S.

Interesting things were found out during the tests. One of the interesting aspects was about Safari as the browser is faster on iOS 6 according to benchmarks. Safari runs the SunSpider benchmark 17.2% faster using iOS 6 compared to iOS 5.

Other aspects of benchmarks showed extended compatibility with new web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Safari's HTML5 test benchmark results are over 11% higher on iOS 6 and CSS3 tests revealed a score of 57% in iOS 6, which is marginally higher than the 52% in Safari on iOS 5.

Although new iOS 6 is based on Webkit version from the roots, the developer noted that UI has been tweaked and the experience feels more streamlined.