Here's some big news for all the Apple fanatics, fanboys and not-so-concerned citizens. According to reports, Apple's first-ever upcoming wearable in the market, the Apple Watch, is set to start shipping in April, the company's chief executive revealed on Tuesday. Just so you remember, this is the same wearable that Apple revealed last year.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook ― while at a call with analysts, following the company's earnings announcement ― said that "development for Apple Watch is right on schedule." Prior to this, Apple had stated that the Apple Watch would ship in "early 2015." However, it still remains shy of the earlier reported shipping date of February 2015.

Apple previously announced the Watch in September alongside the two new iPhone variants. Apple's new Watch is an entirely new device from the company since the release of the iPad tablet, which was five years ago. Priced at $349, the Watch is set to come in three different styles.

Watch 1
Apple WatchApple

There will be the regular model, alongside an Apple Watch Sport version that's been aimed at more active (fitness first) consumers, and apart from that, an ultra-premium Apple Watch Edition that will be covered in 18-karat gold. But what makes the new Apple Watch such a must-buy for interested customers? Let's take a closer look.

A Plethora of Watch Faces to Choose From
What makes the Apple Watch a special treat is the fact that each of the Watch unit will come with a boatload of watch faces with the option for the user to change whenever they feel like. Users can also add specialised functions (Apple calls Complications) to the watch faces, apart from features such as weather updates, stock quote updates and more.

The Digital Crown
When the Apple Watch was first unveiled, one thing that interested us the most was the Digital Crown that's fitted on top of the wearable. The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch can be rotated to zoom in and also scroll with the most acute precision. It also has a button-like functionality that when pushed, takes you back to the Home screen. Not only has Apple maintained its keen eye for innovation with the Digitial Crown, it has also placed it as one of the integral parts of the wearable.

Watch 2
Apple WatchApple

Host of Watch Bands on Offer
The Apple Watch has been fitted with some groundbreaking tech, and that's only fitting when coming out of the closed doors of Apple. However, that doesn't mean Apple hasn't checked up on the more simple yet intricate things of the wearable as well. For that matter, Apple has created a wide range of watch bands in a host of materials. All these bands come with carefully engineered buckles and closures, for the added touch in terms of beauty.

Disturbingly Accurate
The Apple Watch becomes an even greater a deal when synced in with an iPhone. When synced, the Watch keeps checking out the definitive global time standard, and that too with the same precision found in GPS satellites. And as far as daylight saving is concerned, the Apple Watch syncs its time accurately and automatically, so that you don't have to.

Watch 3
Apple WatchApple

It's Meant for Everyone
Apple knows that no two persons are the same, and it's only justified that their preferences will also be different from another. Irrespective, the Apple Watch has been created for one and all. And so much so that Apple has curated as many as three distinct Watch versions, you will find the original Watch, the Watch Sport and the Watch Edition to choose from.