Following the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India last week, Apple has secretly revealed the official release date for its premium Apple Watch in the country. Looking at the official Apple India's website, the top left corner mentions the availability date for Apple Watch in India as 6/11, which means 6 November, BGR noted.

This is the first time Apple has revealed the availability date for its Apple Watch ever since the wearable was launched in March during an event in San Francisco. While this may come as great news for some fans, the mystery of Apple Watch pricing keeps many shoppers in doubts.

It is already known that Apple Watch is a premium smartwatch. The U.S. pricing of the smartwatch revealed the base model costs $349 and the high-end Watch Edition goes as high as $10,000. This means, the entry level Apple Watch in India will cost around Rs. 23,000, but that's considering the covert value.

Apple has remained mum on the subject how of many Apple Watch units it has sold so far. But the smartwatch's debut in India isn't likely to yield favourable outcome. India is still undergoing infancy as far as its wearable penetration is concerned and shoppers are skeptical about breaking their banks to buy an electronic gadget that attaches to their wrist.

Apple will also face stiff competition from several other manufacturers who have their smartwatches already on sale in India. Motorola popularized the circular display for smartwatches, which was later adopted by LG and now Samsung. It is interesting how tech companies are exploring the new arena of wearables but we need severe competition to bring the prices of these wearables to under the roof.

Since the Apple Watch launch is set for 6 November, we will be treated with official pricing on the same day.