Apple will attempt to dominate smartwatch sector with Apple Watch
Apple will attempt to dominate smartwatch sector with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may be outselling Swiss watches, but it's still isn't giving a lot of people reasons to adopt. Its apps were essentially extensions of the iOS apps and despite watchOS 2 supporting native apps, developers didn't adapt to it. Now, Apple has mandated that Watch apps must offer native support.

This essentially means that the apps will run on the device itself as opposed to running the app on the device and transmitting the data to the Watch. Needless to say this would make the apps sluggish, GSM Arena reported.

While this fact is as real as the Watch itself, an additional rumour that's been floating around is that Apple Watch 2 might include cellular connectivity. According to a Wall Street Journal report, a source confirmed that Apple is working on giving the successor to the smartwatch cellular connectivity as well as a faster processor.

While this will obviously get existing users to ditch the first-generation device, Mashable believes it will also serve as a deciding factor for users who've been on the fence.

Cellular connectivity essentially opens the Watch up to non-iPhone users. In addition, Forbes believes Apple will be able to compete with Samsung Gear S2 and LG Watch Urbane, which feature the same technology. It also says the eSIM technology that Apple, along with LG and Samsung and others, has developed, could allow the Watch to work with other devices.

While the rumour mills can spin their yarns all night long, it ain't over until Tim Cook sings, well, speaks really, at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, where he is also rumoured to be announcing the watchOS 3.