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Apple has finally launched its new iOS update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The new version, called iOS 8.3 Beta, features several new additions that are aimed at enhancing user experience. The iOS 8.2 successor also brings mammoth improvements and bug fixes.

Apple iOS 8.3 Beta update has currently been made available to consumers and developers interested in joining Apple Beta Software program to test the latest version for further improvements.

According to the changelog, the latest version features bug fixes, Apple Watch improved support and the following additions:

Improved SIRI

The iOS 8.3 improves the SIRI feature by making several new additions. In the previous versions of iOS, SIRI allows you to call people from your iPhone or iPad devices by voice commands.

With iOS 8.3, you will be allowed to call people through your mentioned criteria. For example, you can instruct your iPhone by just saying "Hey Siri, Call Maddy on Speaker". SIRI will find out the contact, place a call and activate the speaker mode.

Download Free Apps more easily

To protect accidental app buying, Apple has introduced a feature through which you need to authenticate via Touch ID for downloading apps. The feature is secure and deserves a word of appreciation, but equally it becomes annoying while downloading free apps. Since there is no money involved with the free apps, you might find it annoying to use Touch ID for those.

With iOS 8.3 beta you can download free apps without going through this annoying step. The feature is a handy addition for those who frequently download free apps on their iPhones and iPads.

Enhanced Emojis

Emoji or Emoticons have become quite popular. The iOS 8.3 Beta offers a fresh bunch of emojis including different skin colours. The update also includes an Ammple Watch emoji with several new country flags.

Easy Google Login

The new iOS 8.3 Beta will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to login into Google through two-factor authentication without going online and make an app specific password. This small yet innovative feature will make Google users happy.

Improved Keyboard

With the previous iOS default keyboard, Apple laid the 'Go' button bigger which shrunk the space bar smaller, making the user hitting the dot button accidentally instead of space bar. With the new update Apple keyboard has made the spacebar bigger to allow faster yet error free typing.

Source: GottaBeMobile