Samsung Electronics has taken its rivalry with Apple Inc beyond the patent war by coming out with a television commercial mocking the features of the Cupertino giant's recently launched iPhone 5, sending out a message that its Galaxy S3 is superior.

The ad hit the television screens just a day after Apple released its operating system iOS 6 following the release of its much-hyped iPhone 5 last week.

Samsung's latest television commercial shows Apple fanboys, who are making a bee-line outside retail stores, talking about iPhone 5's new features like the new headphone and 8-pin dock connector called 'Lightning'. Then a Galaxy S3 user saves a spot in the line for his parents with an aim to tell the world that iPhone 5 is for the older generation.

As if to convey the message that iPhone 5 is not very different from its predecessor iPhone 4S, the ad shows an Apple fan saying "this year, we're finally getting everything we didn't get last year", referring to 4-inch Retina display and 4G. But ironically, Samsung Galaxy S3 has them and its screen is even bigger.

Highlighting the NFC feature, which iPhone 5 doesn't have, the commercial has Samsung Galaxy S3 users sharing playlist and videos while an Apple fan says that Apple may also introduce the feature in the future. As if that's not enough, Apple fanboys like Galaxy S3, as shown in the ad.

This is Samsung Electronics' second attack on Apple's iPhone 5 since it was launched on Sept. 12. It had carried a print ad last week with specifications of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, giving an indication that iPhone5, which the technology world tagged as a 'genius', is a step behind Galaxy S3.