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Apple has major plans for its newly-released Apple Pay mobile payment solution, but the revolutionary journey is not going to be a cakewalk.

There is a new issue that gets in the way of Apple Pay's normal operations. Over the past few weeks, some users started reporting a glitch with the Apple Pay system that kept them from adding cards back to Apple Pay after performing a system restore. Started a couple of weeks ago, several iPhone users reported the problem on Apple's support forums.

According to 9to5Mac, the problem was found only on handsets that were restored, as a new phone or from a backup. For most part, Apple did not have a fix for the issue as Genius Bar technicians replaced the handsets with new or refurbished units in order to restore Apple Pay functionality. Manually removing and adding new or previously used cards to Apple Pay doesn't seem to have any problems.

The problem occurred on iPhones after performing a factory reset of the device, logging out of iCloud or removing a passcode from the device. For security reasons Apple automatically removes any lined credit cards from Apple Pay, which is sensible given the highly-sensitive information it carries. Usually, going through the Apple Pay setup should add users' credit cards back to the system. Sadly, the restoration failed on several iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets and returned an error saying "could not add card" and asked to contact card issuers.

Is there a fix yet?

Failing to fix the problem after several attempts, iPhone owners contacted Apple support. Technicians failed to resolve the problem so replaced the handsets with new or refurbished units. It wasn't until Wednesday, when a level 2 user commented on Apple's support forum that the Apple Pay system mysteriously started working.

"I just tried to add a card to Apple pay and it worked. Seems like apple fixed the issue. so I recommend you all to try to add a card to your passbook and see if it's working. I refused to get a replacement for my device with a refurbished phone because I strongly believed that its an issue with apple not my device. Finally they fixed it," user Roshanalex wrote.

But not many users have reported a similar fix, which means getting a replacement iPhone is the best solution so far. The thread has garnered more than 5,000 views and over 80 replies but it isn't clear how many users are facing the problem.