It's been less than two weeks since Apple's new iPhone 6S hit stores and we are already hearing complaints of some glitches in the device's display.

Unlike last year's bend-gate fiasco, this issue looks minor and probably has to do with software rather than the internal hardware.

It has come to light that the small screen based old iPhone 5S/5C/5 series owners, who restored the data to their newly purchased iPhone 6S series, are experiencing unusual display zoom glitch where-in some data/buttons are cut-off on the phone's edge thus rendering some apps' functions un-operable. It is particularly affecting popular apps like Wallet, Weather, Watch, Calculator, and Health, reported MacRumors.

Here are some of the reactions from Apple iPhone 6S users, who just restored their old data from iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 series (courtesy, Apple discussion  forum):

A user who goes by the moniker 'King Hippo' said – "Same issue here on an iPhone 6S. I can't activate any cards since the button to input the activation codes is seemingly cut off. So Apple Pay is useless with this bug, it's not just cosmetic."

"Hello, The same issue for me, 5C to 6S.So i can't delete the cards because 'information' button is away from the screen. I hope Apple will fix this soon," said eMh4x.

There is also a case involving 2014 model iPhone 6. It is running on iO9 hinting that the display zoom issue is related to software and not the device.

"Hi. I recently purchased an iPhone 6 with iOS 9 installed. When I open the Apple wallet app, the sides of the screen are cut off like it is zoomed in. I cannot find a setting to remedy. Please help!," said eberrong.

Some of the users who have registered the complaint with Apple custom care service reported that the company is working to come up with a fix very soon. New iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 does not contain any software patch to rectify the bug. It is learnt that Apple's next major update v9.1, which is already available to developers as beta version has the solution for the zoom glitch. The bad news is that this firmware will not be released to public at least until November.

Apple customer care representatives are apparently suggesting that customers set their iPhone 6S as new and not restore anything from old Apple devices.

There is another workaround, which offers temporary solution to the Wallet app.

Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> View >> Zoomed and then launch Wallet app. Users are advised to turn this feature off when done using Wallet app or else the other apps' icons look out-of-shape. Stay tuned for more updates.

Via Redmond Pie