A price drop on Apple's latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was a surprising move but a new report clarifies that the iPhone maker did not officially regulate the price cut. Instead, the sudden price drop on Apple's 2015 flagships is driven by Apple distributors who are more flexible to decide the prices of Apple products, Gadgets 360 has learnt.

Recent reports suggested Apple had dropped the price of their latest iPhones in an attempt to take advantage of the year-end holidays, which Apple considers the strongest period for sales. The price cut on iPhone 6s series made sense considering the launch price in India was surprisingly high compared to last-year's models and other international markets.

This means the unofficial price drop on the latest iPhones is temporary and those who wish to take advantage of the offer must act fast. Apple's iPhone 6s 16GB variant is available for as low as Rs. 46,999 through online sales channels, which is a significant difference compared to the launch price of Rs. 62,500.

According to Gadgets360, the price cut on the iPhone 6s series is also seen in the retail market, selling the iPhone 6s 16GB variant for as low as Rs. 49,500, which is a 20 percent difference in price from the launch price. The publication sees these discounts as a result of distributors' long-awaited freedom to decide the prices of Apple's products depending on market's fluctuations.

There is no fixed end date for these discounts but they are expected to run till 27-28 December, when Apple's final quarter comes to a close.

On the other hand, Apple received great response towards its 2013 flagship after the price of iPhone 5S was dropped to nearly half since September. It is now available for Rs. 24,999 while online channels are selling it for as low as Rs. 22,000.