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Apple iPhone 5S and 5C were released in September and the rumours for the next iteration of the handset, iPhone 6, have been surfacing online.

Most of the rumours have given hints on the display feature of the handset, including the material it is being made up of or screen size among others.

However, following is a compilation of the iPhone 6 rumours regarding the screen of the handset.

Larger Screen Size

One of the rumours for the Apple iPhone 6 handset is that the screen size will be expanded although the exact size is not known yet. The latest rumours however point towards a 4.9in display according to some reports.

It has been speculated that the increase in the size of the display would also force the firm to maintain its crisp graphics.

It has been noted previously that the firm faced issues to keep up with the demand due to scarce resources for the production of the screen. If the larger size is expected on the Apple iPhone 6, the firm should make sure that they don't run out of stock and instead offer a smooth rollout, reports Latin Times.

Sapphire Glass Display

It has been also reported that Apple is testing a prototype of a handset who's display is made of sapphire glass, which is currently used on the TouchID home button and a lens cover of an iPhone 5S.

It has also been speculated that the screen will become more durable and scratch free with a switch in screen material.

Sapphire is said to be a very costly material, which might also bump up the prices for the handset.

TouchID Display

The latest rumours indicate that the Apple iPhone 6 will sport an entire display function as a trackpad and full-screen TouchID sensor. It has also been said that, with full screen, the designer could eliminate the button and extend the size keeping the footprint of the device as the same.

Camera Improvements

Recent patent applications reveal that further improvements may be made in Apple iPhone 6. Apple was also awarded the patent that allows users to refocus their shots after they have been captured. The technology is said to work by capturing light fields making the image editable after captured.

Facial Detection

Another patent awarded to Apple was the one with face detection and recognition. The system is said to be installed for locking/unlocking the device. The patent is also reported to cover environment visuals, such as a matching background in the stored information as a passkey for unlocking.

This technology is speculated to be paired with another recent acquisition of a 3D body sensing, increasing the security for the iPhone 6.