Apple recently released its much awaited flagship handset, Apple iPhone 5S, alongside the iPhone 5C.

Out of the two models, Apple iPhone 5S has been the most popular device in the market, as it boasts of good tech specs under-the-hood, paired with a stunning and slim yet attractive design.

The smartphone is capable of performing multiple functions at a time in a smooth way, using its 64 bit A7 processor, which is the only 64-bit chip available in the market currently. However, the iPhone 5S users can further increase the potential of the handset by applying some accessories to it.

These accessories save the handset from scratches, increase the camera performance and offer various easy and quick methods for the users to perform an operation.

Following are some of the top accessories for the Apple iPhone 5S handset.

Apple iPhone 5S Case

Apple has designed a range of cover cases for its iPhone 5S model. The case is said to be made of leather and has a microfiber lining on the inside to keep the handset protected. The case also sports a matt Apple logo at the back.

The cover case is available in brown, beige, black, yellow, blue and red variants and the covers are also compatible with iPhone 5 handsets.

The cover costs around $39 from the Apple Store.

Kavaj iPhone 5S Dallas Case

The Kavaj iPhone 5S Dallas Case is cheaper than the handset's official cover case. It sports a leather coating and a microfiber lining on the inside like the original one and uses magnets to stay shut, reports Techradar.

The case comes in black or in cognac colour variants and costs $10 less. It also sports a handy slot for cards and money.

The case can be bought from Amazon.

Tech21 Impact leather Flip Case

The Tech21 D30 Flip Case is another alternative to Apple's official cover case. One of the advantages of this cover case is that it sports a stand unlike the above mentioned cases.

The case is also said to use the D30 technology, which absorbs most of the impact the handset gets when it falls on the floor.

The cover case can be bought from Amazon starting $33.99

Incipio Feather

Incipio also has to offer its Incipio Feather cover case for the handset. The cover case is very thin and adds a very little weight to the whole device because of its ultra-thin design made from high density plextonium, reports Inquisitr.

The case comes in 15 different colours and can be bought from the Incipio website for $24.99

Lifeproof FRE

Lifeproof FRE comes in a little higher price bracket but is very durable, waterproof and dust and drop proof. The cover case also boasts of a very stylish yet sturdy design for the handset.

The Lifeproof handset can be bought from the Lifeproof website for $79.99. The case comes in 10 colour variants.